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terinspirasi dari link ini http://www.hgu.gu.se/item.aspx?id=2412

mudah2an dengan agenda banyak membaca di summer ini, maka semester depan sudah ada gambaran arah riset ibu.

* Geography, Institutions, Technology and Economic Convergence(2003-2009)

The purpose of this research programme is to undertake analyses of the relationship between international economic integration and growth in less developed countries. We will particularly try to understand the reasons as to why some countries or regions converge towards rich country income levels, while others, notably in Africa, diverge. The starting point will be the work that has been done on the diffusion of technology and economic convergence, but we will more explicitly try to analyse the roles of geography and institutions in the process. The latter factors have featured prominently in development analysis in recent years, but they have not been systematically integrated in an approach to growth in poor countries in the context of globalisation.

*** studi kasus Indonesia tentu amat menarik, tetapi topik ini masih sangat luas, I need to talk to Arora

* Institutional Economics and Long-Run Development (2007-2010)

Ola Olsson and Heather Congdon Fors

It has recently been widely acknowledged among economists that institutions like property rights and independent courts are central for understanding why some countries are rich while others are poor. However, the determinants of institutional quality and institutional change are still not well understood. The broad aim of this research project is to shed light on the fundamental factors that cause strong institutions for long-run economic development. More specifically, research will be carried out within five areas: (a) Country size and the rule of law. Why do large countries have a weaker rule of law? (b) Natural resource rents and endogenous institutional change after independence. The model shows that natural resource rents make postcolonial regimes choose weak property rights. (c) The institutional legacy of colonialism. We collect and use data on all former colonies in the world. (d) Social capital versus court institutions in the development process. A principal-agent analysis of an investment situation that takes place in a sequential, repeated game. (e) A cross-country empirical analysis of the determinants of ethnic diversity.

Our work will be both empirical and theoretical. The empirical work will use newly developed data from the World Bank on government quality and institutional strength, available for all countries in the world. We believe that our work has strong relevance for Western countries’ development and aid policies towards Third World countries.

*** Topik yang juga sangat menarik, sebab ibu juga berpikir mengkaji institution building di Indonesia sebagai sesuatu yg sangat serius.

Untuk topik ini mungkin ibu perlu mengambil beberapa mata kuliah di Leiden University, terutama yg berkaitan dengan political science atau antrophology?

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