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Finding mp3 files in internet

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Well, maybe you've already known this. Usually, I do it by asking Mr. Google to give answer to my query. I usually give query something like this

<singer> <song-title> download
or last time I always type something like this
<singer> <song-title> multiply download
But, I just obtained better query. Since I always try to find mp3 files in multiply, then my friend gave this query
<singer> - <song-title> site:multiply.com download
For example:
to find peterpan's song "menghapus jejakmu", I will type in Google search textbox:
peterpan - menghapus jejakmu site:multiply.com download

So easy, right ^^. Thanks Za!!
Aachen, June 25, 2007
My deepest thanks to Reiza, my friend

Written by Eka Afrina

June 25th, 2007 at 5:32 am

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Why did I choose to study Informatics?

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Have you ever questioned yourself why you chose to pursue your degree in your current major? I've done that several times. Thus, the answer is I don't know ^^ I think I just like it. How about you?

I remember when the first time I chose to study Informatics. I graduated from high school and I was in my room and tried to sleep. I could not sleep. I was bothered by the question asked to me ,"Which major do you like to pursue in ITB?". OK, maybe you will ask, why ITB? How could I've already decide which university I would take before deciding my major? The answer is simple. I am very influenced by my father. I look up to my father as my idol figure in life. He always tells me how he was in his childhood. He must do some hard household chores together with his 12 brothers/sisters. If he could not be the first in his class, my grandfather would punish him, e.g, retrieving water from a river 1 km from home. When he was a middle-schooler, since he stayed with his uncle, he ought to do some househould chores (mopping, for example), newspaper delivery and other part-time job. With such hard life, he managed to survive and become a success person. So, I want to at least stand in the equal ground with him. He used to tell me that he would be very proud if I could enter and graduate from ITB, his almamater. That's why, I chose ITB as my university, since I want him to be happy and proud of me.

OK, that's the reason why I chose ITB as university. Let's back to the question "Which major do you like to pursue in ITB?". I kept thinking and imagining, what I want to do. Then, I realize that I like to play with my computer, and I hope that one day I could learn something about it. So, is it possible? Well yes, I heard that there exist such major, which is Informatics. So, with entering Informatics ITB in my mind, I studied hard (yeah...studying is always a hard thing for me ^^).

And, I graduated from ITB and again I made my father proud of me again. I am really happy. Then, my father told me that he actually had dreams to pursue higher education degree when he was given chance to pursue magister and doctoral program. But, since he's already worked at Pertamina and Pertamina asked him to come back and work, so he should forget that dream. He told me that my grandfather advice him "The measurement whether you succeed to bring up your children is whether your children could surpass your own education". That's why he told me that he would be very glad if I agreed to pursue higher education, especially in foreign country. He told me that he would provide fund to support me to do that. That time, I said that I will consider that because it will decide my future plan. Then, as you've known, I agreed and now here I am....studying in RWTH Aachen. Once more, I study Informatics.

I've never regretted my decision to study informatics. May be I deviate a little bit from my dream. My dream was to study computer and in informatics I do not study computer but algorithm to work with computer. At least I work with my computer, so a lil bit of deviation is still acceptable, right ^^

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June 25th, 2007 at 5:08 am

New stuff in course….

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Wew, I'm speechles. Currently, I am in database course and listening (not really) to David who explains OODB chapter today. In informatik, it is not unusual to see some students who bring their own laptop into the course hall. But what I see right now is very unusual. A student, I believe from China (RRC) bring out his laptop, browse internet and book his flight. OK, that's not unusual too. But when he take out his credit card and enter his credit card number and security card, wow, that's interesting.

We are now in a course and he does something not related to course. That's fine, but paying your book while course is in action? Wew that's new... I hope I could see his credit card number and security code. If I could do that, maybe I could book my flight to Indonesia ^^

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June 21st, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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Write in english or indonesian?

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Well-well today's course is soo boring. Moment mal, after second thought, I think it is not because of the lecturer, but myself. I only slept 6 hours today (only 6? It is usually enough for everyone? But not me ^^), so I feel unspirited and weak right now. While David are telling us some introduction to Object Oriented Modelling, I decide to write my blog.

After considering a lot of time, I realized that I have two blogs, here in blogspot and the other one in the multiply. Usually, I only create one posting in blogspot and let multiply system to aggregate my post here and add to my multiply blog. Maybe you are curious why I do it? If you're not, I keep telling you the reason why ^_^. Blogspot is my first blog and I use blogspot for my study and brainstorming idea, on the other hand, at first multiply is used to enable me download my friend's songs. Hey, Dude, dont tell anyone about it, OK ^^. I feel that writing blogpost in two place is time-consuming and not interesting. So, if I let multiply aggregate my post in blogpost, I will have more time to do other things.

But then again I realize, Dude, it makes no sense to have two equivalent blogs. What's the use? OK, I could argue that I have different community for both of them. In blogpost, my friends are mainly from Indonesia, such as, my best friend, my juniors, my colleagues, whereas in multiply, my friends are mainly from Aachen germany. But still, it does not make sense, at least for me, Dude ^^.

I've ever decided to differentiate topics for blogspot and multiply. I would like to use blogspot for academic and serious things, while multiply for other things. But then again, another problem appears. My friends in blogspot really like to write something so funny, unusual, interesting. So, if I became the only one who write something so serious and academical, where should I put my face ^^. Huheuehuheuheuue...

I also think that my english is still bad for academic use. You know what, Dude? My supervisor always tells me to work on my languages. Oh please Dude, You know how shameful it is to hear that from him T_T. OK from now on, I'd like to try to write english here and indonesia in my multiply blog.

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June 19th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

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Kisah-kisah di Sportfest Koeln 2007

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Akhirnya, sesuai janji yang pernah gw berikan ke seorang temen, akhirnya gw nulis juga tentang Sportfest Koeln 2007. Mungkin bakal ada yang nanya, "kok baru sekarang nulisnya?". Hehehe ini semua karena ada cerita sedih di balik sportfest koeln 2007 ^^.

OK, sportfest koeln bisa dikatakan adalah acara tahunan yang diselenggarakan oleh kawan-kawan dari PPI Koeln. Seperti tahun lalu, PPI Koeln menyelenggarakan dua cabang olahraga yang bisa diikuti oleh kawan-kawan dari PPI yang lain, yaitu sepakbola dan bola basket. Untuk bola basket, pertandingan diselenggarakan untuk putra dan putri, sedangkan sepakbola hanya untuk laki-laki. Kawan-kawan dari Aachen pun ikut serta dengan mengirimkan tim sepakbola putra dan tim bola basket putra.

Malang tak dapat ditolak, tim basket Aachen tidak mampu berbicara banyak di sportfest kali ini. Tim bola basket Aachen menemui lawan yang tidak berimbang, yaitu Tim Bule alias orang asing Koeln. Gila aja...masa pemain tertinggi di tim basket Aachen lebih pendek daripada pemain terpendek di tim basket bule. Kawan-kawan Aachen jadinya super BT dan super kesel, tapi apa boleh buat. Bagaimanapun juga gw sangat bangga dengan perjuangan kawan-kawan. Untuk bermain di sportfest Koeln 2007, mereka telah berlatih berkali-kali dengan rutin.

Tim sepakbola ternyata juga tidak dapat berbuat banyak bahkan tidak dapat lolos dari babak penyisihan. Padahal tahun lalu, Aachen mampu lolos dari babak penyisihan walaupun kalah di pertandingan berikutnya. Yang sedihnya lagi, Aachen dikalahkan oleh tim yang tahun lalu mengalahkan Aachen juga dengan nilai yang sama, yaitu 1-0. Gol juga dicetak oleh orang yang menguburkan harapan Aachen tahun lalu, dari pojok yang sama, dengan gaya tendangan yang sama, ke sudut gawang yang sama, pada saat gawang menghadap arah mata angin yang sama, gawang pun dijaga oleh penjaga gawang yang sama, GW.... TTTTIIIIIIDDDDAAAAAKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Gw kembali teringat kejadian tahun lalu...sangat menyakitkan dikalahkan dengan skor 1-0. Anehnya selama dua tahun ini, Aachen hanya mampu mencetak satu gol dan kebobolan satu gol (yang sedihnya juga merupakan gol yang membuat angan-angan menjadi juara sepak bola tetap menjadi angan-angan.

Aaaahh...apaan sih..gw kan menulis ini karena udah overcome kesedihan gw itu. Yaa bagaimanapun juga, bagi gw ada hal-hal positif yang gw lihat selama dan setelah sportfest itu. Gw ngerasa kawan-kawan menjadi lebih kompak dan lebih dekat. Tim basket sekarang udah punya jadwal latihan tetap dan kawan-kawan dari tim sepakbola jadi lebih bersemangat untuk dapat bermain lebih baik lagi. Gw sendiri merasa lebih bersemangat bermain bola, walaupun gw mungkin gak akan bermain bola lagi di sportfest tahun depan karena gw mungkin udah lulus. Hahaha..ternyata pikiran gak bisa ikutan main di sportfest tahun depan bisa bikin gw sedih juga ya. Hahaha...yaa setelah dua kali mengikuti sportfest paling gak gw ngerasa kemampuan bermain bola gw berkembang, walaupun kemampuan sebagai kiper menurun, tapi mungkin kemampuan secara keseluruhan bertambah.


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June 19th, 2007 at 5:55 am